The 3rd book in my new series has been delayed by quite a bit because it is being COMPLETELY re-rewritten. It is currently a work in progress for several reasons including moving half way around the world and back to our beloved Europe, topsy-turvy life in general, relearning day-to-day French — you get the drift — minor chaos — nothing major or worrisome.

I published 2 books in a new trilogy at in 2016 — and I am planning to get back to the rewrites of the 3rd volume as soon as possible. Links to those first two books are below. All 3 books will eventually be consolidated under the series title The Closet Mystic — but you can find them separately by title alone.

This new series is a fictional account of the life of a psychic child named Helen as she grows into a psychic adult and each volume covers a specific period of approximately 20 years of that child-to-woman’s life. The reader can feel the stages of maturity throughout as the emotional viewpoint and language of the character changes from book to book.

For anyone who has had contact with spirit realms, past life memory, or future visions — this should be a life-affirming read that assures you that you are not alone with these unusual gifts.

CLICK on the KINDLE cover or PRINT cover for each book below to order at Amazon!

Gifts of Ash and Sorrow -- the KINDLE/Ebook edition
Gifts of Ash and Sorrow — the KINDLE cover

BACK BLURB: Helen has a problem. Ghosts of dead relatives insist on visiting her, she has clear memories of past lifetimes, and she can see future events in her dreams. The people who love her don’t understand her, don’t believe her, and are angry when she talks about what she sees and hears. Feeling alone and wounded, she must find her way through life as an intuitive and psychic child. Always aware of how very different she is, can Helen find the resilience to keep herself sane as she exists in two worlds at once?

Gifts of Ash and Sorrow - the PRINT edition
Gifts of Ash and Sorrow – the PRINT edition


Acts Of Intention - KINDLE edition
Acts Of Intention – KINDLE/Ebook edition

BACK BLURB: Helen may have spent her childhood feeling criticised for seeing ghosts, remembering past lives, and having visions of future events, but now she is a woman, adjusting to life from an adult perspective and taking responsibility for her actions. As she moves from late teens into her early 40s, how will she manage to be authentic about her psychic gifts while balancing a family life? And will those visions and voices affect her present and future happiness?

Acts Of Intention - PRINT edition
Acts Of Intention – PRINT edition


NEXT — I have severed ties with the old publishers of both The Dreamkeeper Messages and Darkness Folding Inward, Light Emerging. I will be uploading both of those books — in PRINT and EBOOK versions — to Amazon so that the one central Amazon site, including their branches around the world, will have ALL of my books in the same place.


The Dreamkeeper Messages - KINDLE/Ebook edition
The Dreamkeeper Messages – KINDLE/Ebook edition

21 September 2016
I am pleased to announce that the original versions of The Dreamkeeper, printed in the 1990s and early 2000s, have been retired and a 4th Edition, The Dreamkeeper Messages — complete with new ISBN number, is now available!

The visions that are contained in this book were received during the mid to late 1990s – but the events that were foreseen back then are only now coming to fruition. For that reason, this is an important and timely book for anyone wishing to stay apprised of what has now arrived on our doorsteps.

This well-researched and heavily footnoted volume contains essential information on Earth Changes, the future of various continents, the manipulation of humankind by a variety of sources, how to stay healthy in challenging times, and much more, this book would be a valuable addition to any library containing literature on Global Changes or Alternative Spirituality.

The reader is also introduced in this book to the luminous otherworldly being that I call The Dreamkeeper, a non-corporeal lifeform who has graced me with her presence since earliest childhood.

The KINDLE/Ebook version of The Dreamkeeper Messages is now LIVE (see click-on image above) at and the print edition will be available soon.


NOTE: The versions of Darkness Folding Inward, Light Emerging will be available quite SOON!

BACK BLURB: This long awaited sequel to The Dreamkeeper Messages gives the reader a more thorough explanation of the scope and nature of the psychic and prophetic visions that the author, Dr. Deborah Harmes, has been experiencing since childhood. There are substantial sections filled with these fascinating visions that travel both backwards and forwards in time.

After some background history about Deborah’s process of psychic visioning and an explanation of her relationship with the otherworldly being she calls The Dreamkeeper, the book moves into an explanation of the nature of time itself and explains why many of us occasionally feel that we are living in the wrong lifetime or that we are reliving events that we have already experienced.The section of information on RV — Remote Viewing — discusses just how far back in history that type of psychic viewing really goes. You might be quite surprised at what went on during World War II!

This book also contains important information about time travel, global climate and atmospheric change and the creation of hybrid and robotic humans. We are living in challenging times and this book helps to both explain that and offer non-religious spiritual guidance.


My books are now printed at several locations around the world, so you are no longer charged for shipping from the USA if you happen to live in Great Britain, Europe, or Australia. The books are printed locally and shipped locally.The e-book is available in all electronic formats – including Kindle reader and iPhone – and is ready for download. You can even download a text file or pdf and read it right on your computer.

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