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I am a lifelong writer, photographer, and artist. I also act as a consultant to several types of clients including other writers and the film and television industry. Recently I have begun to transition back into mainstream journalism in addition to writing books, poetry, and the occasional short story.

Presently I am spending my days happily working as either a book editor (depending on what the author needs, either full developmental editing or light editing and proofing) or as a writer, rewriter, or outright ghost writer for independent authors, NGOs, healthcare professionals, tech or legal firms, advertising agencies, businesses, and online magazines. No two weeks are ever the same work-wise!

When working as a journalist or photojournalist, I maintained active membership in the NPPA (National Press Photographers of America) and SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists.

During one period of my life, I was a psychologist who worked for a government sponsored agency in the USA and later maintained an intentionally small and manageable private practice. I am no longer working as a therapist, but I have done consulting for the Australian film industry in recent years.

My eclectic academic credits reflect my range of interests and are as follows:
BA: Fine Arts
BA: Design
BS: Psychology (Honours) (Emphasis: Counselling)
MA: Humanities (Emphasis: Spiritual and Paranormal Studies/Consciousness Studies)
Ph.D. Religious Studies (Dual emphasis: Counselling and Mysticism)

Although born in the USA, as an adult I have lived in either Great Britain, Australia, or Europe for well over two decades. I am now back in Europe and dividing my time between the UK and Brittany, France.

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