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5.0 out of 5 stars An engaging read!
By J. L Shafer on September 20, 2016

I’m eager for the final volume of this trilogy to be published so I can see what Helen does after all she goes through in this book. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, nor do I want to divulge too much and spoil any reader’s experience.

What a delight to be with Helen again and see what she’s up to in this second book of The Closet Mystic trilogy. In this continued story, Helen starts out as a seventeen-year-old psychic insomniac and picks up her tale by heading to an all-girls college her mother insisted she go to. Helen’s unhappy, and her behaviors prove it. She returns home and then life takes twists and turns and even more twists. Helen isn’t ordinary, so why would anyone believe her life ever would be? But I wasn’t prepared for some of what she experienced as she moved into her twenties. Most of the time, her non-human advisors stay in the background, but pop up at certain times, especially when despair overtakes her.

The first several chapters bring us through Helen’s adjustment to college life where, once again, she’s forced to suppress her psychic gifts—not that it’s always possible or desired—and where she’s considered too odd for some dorm girls’ parents to allow their little darlings to associate with. After those chapters, Helen’s roller coaster life kept my eyes glued to the page and unable to stop reading. One particular event really grabbed me (not that others didn’t—it’s just that this one was quite special) and I had to pause for a moment, immersed in the poignancy of that experience. Another event made me laugh out loud. And then there are the scenes in the graveyard with her boyfriend and how she deals with snooty dorm girls. Fun stuff!

As I said, it’s an engaging read, and I can’t wait to see where Helen goes next and what she gets up to. One thing I’m certain of: it won’t be dull.


5.0 out of 5 stars Had me from the first page to the last – highly recommended
By sw99 on 27 Aug. 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Warning – contains spoilers

There are few books, which can keep me reading into the small hours of the morning, but Deborah Harmes’ Gifts of Ash and Sorrow was one of them. The book charts the life of Helen from her very young years through her teens, I was immediately fascinated, not only with Helen, but with her highly dysfunctional family and the dynamic which ensues when Helen’s special talents are revealed. Many of us can relate!

Helen has psychic abilities; she sees events before they occur, she gets visits from newly deceased relatives and discovers she has the ability to find lost items for her friends. On the one hand, Helen’s unusual abilities are either ignored or disbelieved or they get her into trouble – over and over again. Her parents are intolerant, cold and clearly embarrassed by their eldest daughter’s gift. Helen is accused of seeking attention and of making trouble, neither of which is even close to the truth. Helen is unafraid of her gift, and tries in vain to explain to her distant parents that she is only trying to help people when she acts on the psychic information she receives. Controlling and domineering, Helen’s mother is over concerned with the opinions of those outside the family, and is desperate to keep up appearances. The mother clearly has mental health issues and eventually spends some time in a mental health institution.

With two younger sisters who do not share her skills, and parents who treat her as if she is an alien from another planet, Helen is a stranger within her own family. Ostracised and reviled in equal measure, she endures much unhappiness. She spends much of her time trying to hide her abilities, though this only causes more misery.

I found myself cheering Helen on, while feeling a great sadness for her in her struggle to be “normal” and find acceptance.

The book eventually sees Helen attending a private College for young ladies – chosen by her mother of course. The book is open for a sequel, which I await with great anticipation.

Well done Deborah 🙂

5.0 out of 5 stars An intriguing tale
By J. L Shafer on September 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

When you see and speak with people who have passed on, experience segments of your past lives, know when something sorrowful or tragic has happened or is going to, and more, it can make a lot of people uncomfortable. Especially in the 1950s. Especially if your family is included in certain Southern social circles. Such behavior Simply Isn’t Done.

In Gifts of Ash and Sorrow, we meet Helen at the tender age of three and travel with her into her teens, as she heads to college (Harmes must continue the story so we know what happens next, especially regarding the intriguing visitor—no, no spoilers allowed here). The author gives us an interesting twist at the start and then the roller coaster ride begins. The level of anger and ridicule from so many in Helen’s early years is stunning. You want to wrap her in your arms and tell her she’s all right; that she doesn’t need counseling or to be drugged and locked away, as her family threatens. You want to shake her family until they wake up. And you cheer when Helen discovers . . . but that would be telling.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have extra senses at work in your life—or you already know, you’ll appreciate meeting Helen. Get to know her. I think you’ll like her. You’ll definitely root for her.


5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read now, not later!
By J. L Shafer on September 14, 2016
Format: Paperback

If you’ve ever read a book with predictions about the future of Earth and us, you probably found it interesting, gave it some thought—or not, and then forgot about it. But what if you read such books SEVENTEEN and SEVEN YEARS(!) respectively, after publication, as I did, and find your “socks” knocked off by their accuracies about current times?

That’s what happened when I read Deborah Harmes’ two books, The Dreamkeeper Messages and its sequel Darkness Folding Inward, Light Emerging. Important to know is that some of the visions included in The Dreamkeeper Messages were provided in the mid-1990s, with the bulk of them revealed between 1997 and 1999. That’s nearly two decades and then some. As you read about weather anomalies we call Climate Change, formerly called Global Warming, the escalation of disharmony in our world, and so much more, you might think these books were written last month. (The real cause of climate change revealed by the Dreamkeeper will surprise you.)

Before I say more about the books, it’s important to clarify the publishing dates. Harmes’ first book was titled The Dreamkeeper and was published in 1999. In 2004, she added one chapter and republished under the same title. Later, another book with the same title by a different author was added on the retail site, so in 2009, Harmes republished the unchanged second edition under the new title, The Dreamkeeper Messages. The sequel with additional information was published a few months later, also in 2009. [Note: the 2004 edition was the No. 28 best-selling book on for one year.]

Who is the Dreamkeeper, you ask? I’ll answer this way: Seth revealed the nature of reality through Jane Roberts. Abraham reveals the nature of reality with a focus on Law of Attraction through Esther Hicks. The Dreamkeeper reveals aspects of our past and specifics about our future through Deborah Harmes. Harmes explains this relationship in sufficient detail in her books.

As you read both books, preferably in order—and I highly recommend you do and is why I’ve combined their reviews, note how much that’s going on RIGHT NOW was included in these two-decades-or-so-years-old visions (seven years for the sequel, at the time I write this review). One example is the real cause of weather anomalies I mentioned. I don’t want to give a spoiler, but will say that yesterday (Sept. 2016), I read an article just released that, in a peripheral but significant way, supports (confirms) the information provided all those years ago. That’s just one example of accuracy you may want to consider.

The predictions, or revelations if you prefer, in both books may seem dire at times, especially if this is new information for you. But if you compare them to current events, you’ll see how on-target they are. However, along with visions and Q&A from real individuals in the first book (and massive notes at the back of that book), the Dreamkeeper offers words of hope and inspiration in both books. We are not left to wonder what we’re meant to do or what our options are; the Dreamkeeper states them. One thing is clear after reading both books, especially if you’re up on the real news not always provided by mainstream media: the future is Now.

19 December 2009

Made the Best Seller List for BOTH books at Smashwords!
Am SO thrilled to share with you that I have made the Best Seller List over at Smashwords with BOTH of my books in e-book format!

Darkness Folding Inward, Light Emerging came in at #29 out of the 1,300-plus best sellers. And The Dreamkeeper Messages came in at #67. So exciting!

16 December 2009
Have Just Received An Amazing Book Review!

I’m so excited that I am tingling right now. I knew about this yesterday because the author of the review sent me an advanced copy, but I wanted to wait until it was actually online to share it.

You may or may not know who George Ure is. He writes a financial and social commentary site in the USA called Urban Survival that gets thousands of readers checking in from around the world daily. And he is also keenly interested in issues of consciousness studies, psychology, archaeology, predictive language, time anomalies, weather weirdness, and global oddities. Each week he publishes a small segment on those topics amongst his greater volume of information regarding the global financial situation. Last week he had a snippet about something interesting and I sent him a few lines of comments and mentioned that it sounded a LOT like what I had written in my newly published book. He wrote back straight away, one thing led to another, and I sent him a review copy. But to say that I was stunned when I received the rough draft of today’s online posting at his site is a serious understatement.

He has given the book the most marvelous review! I am both pleased and very grateful for this splendid opportunity from Mr. Ure — so, in a very public way, let me say a hearty THANK YOU to this very kind man for his generous review. In case you don’t get around to reading this post from me for several days and it is no longer on George’s site by then, the cut and paste is below. HERE is the review!

Coping: With Those Signposts Up Ahead
        For about 40-some years now, since I started trying to ‘sneak up on the Truth’ of life after doing a stint as a ‘wunderkind’ for a military contractor, which I image is a fair label for a GS-15 equivalent and equivalent rank about major at age 19, I’ve been developing a theory that among people on honest and good hearts/souls there is no conflict; that it’s only a marketing game by a few in ‘power’ that divides us from one another to keep themselves phat and skimming off the top.

        I think I’ve mentioned before my favorite analogy of religion: It’s like driving around Mount Rainer up in Washington State. One religion will view Universe (or God) from one promontory and declare theirs to be the only “correct” view of the mountain, while another group will declare with equal certainty – yet from another promontory on another side of the mountain that no, only their view of the mountain is correct. As a result, near as I can figure, more people have died over this kind of ‘mountain-sight-seeing’ than even gold or food. It’s a condition of humans that I’ve studied enough to become deeply skeptical of those who pretend to lead the rest of us since without ‘leadership’ we might progress better as a species; if consensus-building, sharing, and unconditional relationships were more honored. Such thoughts are foolish, of course, since we’re all marched at spear-point in some sense whether economically (which is what this site is about) or in a political or religious way. Going one’s own way through Life is distinctly frowned upon without so much tribute to Caesar, so much in tithing, and the biggest portion for “Call now, operators are standing by, this is a free call.”

        The essence of such a personal expedition was neatly summed up in Rod Serling’s second season opening of The Twilight Zone: “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, the Twilight Zone.”

        Fact of the matter is -that upon closer inspection and a bit of thought – we are as humans not watching the show – we are the show itself. We’ve been divided – and conquered – in such manner as to erase the key memory that we’re all brothers and sisters, and as one religion notes “petals on one flower, drops of one ocean.”

        All of which gets me around to a new book just out, “Darkness Folding Inward, Light Emerging” by Deborah Harmes, PhD. At her web site, the book is available from Lulu as a hard copy or at Smashwords as an e-book.

        Harmes is luckier than most of us, near as I can tell, in that she’s had a life-long relationship with a being she refers to as “The Dreamkeeper”. This is a being she actually physically saw until puberty, which then receded for a while (the visions, not puberty, you dolt!), but the ‘presence’ of whatever has returned in the form of automatic writing (some of which was included in her Masters thesis, and more recently as she’s worked with it, the ability to flip between her native mode of thinking and the more ‘connected mode’ seems to have evolved.

        I won’t spoil the book for you by given you the George Notes version, except to make two other observations. One is that from her first best-selling book, she got a lot of questions about the nature of time and she states the same kind of thing that Cliff has found in predictive linguistics work: “Time is not a fixed thing! It bends and flexes, contracts and expands, streams and spirals in never ending movement. Someone having a prophetic vision of the future as they sat by their fireside in Europe 400 years ago would have seen one potential date for an upcoming event or events. But the subsequent years would have produced many variations and movements that could not have been predicted by the seer in that long ago time period.”

        The second note in passing is that somehow Cliff’s work and mention of UrbanSurvival ended up on pages 117 & 118…in a chapter (perhaps aptly) titled Enemies of the State. Although probably anyone who questions the ruling paradigms can wear the label, t’ain’t just us.

        The visions in the book are pretty interesting, too, in terms of the look behind the time/space experiments that have apparently been going on for years…which may explain why people with Gen3 nightvision see all kinds of oddities in the skies.

        My problem with the book – and it’s why I got nearly nothing done on Monday was because after reading it, I got into deep, deep, deep ponderings about where the boundaries are in language in how humans get information from ‘other than self’ sources.

        My friend Cliff, for example, is an archetype ‘purist’. In other words, when he says archetype what he means is a collection of behaviors. However, there are a lot of people who go to various psychological associations (many Jungians) who hold that folks can work with their archetypes in a ‘guided meditative state, while still others go about it ‘unguided’ and more of less channel information.

        Of course this starts setting off all kinds of ‘calls for research’ since purely ‘touching the stream’ (without an intermediary/guide/archetype [broadly as an avatar, not just a behavior collection] seems to yield some useful information although the ‘stream-touchers’ who go there directly (mano y mano, or whatever the female gendered equivalent of that trite phrase would be) note that Yogic teachings are quite specific that in [archetype meant as avatar or channeled] information, you can’t be as confident as personal (unmediated) contact with outer fringes of Universe directly.

        Which is probably just as well, except that if 2012 comes along as there’s more to ‘colliding Universes’ and we really could suddenly materialize anything, fly, teleport, or whatever, then a high degrees of personal ethics would be needed and are we ready for that kind of world?

        Anyway, I found Harmes book is very interesting material, especially her observation than people who believe in woo-woo seem to be just as pleased (or more so) to follow the ‘ones’ who are fraudulent even more so than ones with a decent ‘batting average’. Not a really long book, but sets off a lot more research…


5.0 out of 5 stars Keep talking Dreamkeeper
By Pat on December 6, 1999
Format: Paperback
I’ve been reading the words of Dreamkeeper on Deborah’s Web page for a while now. The book is better than I anticipated! It was presented in such a sweet, gentle, positive manner. I appreciate no threats, fear or guilt trips — and no secret agenda of trying to force or “convert” believers. No asking for money etc. Just honest, open communication and a respect for an open mind and heart and individual beliefs. It’s an uplifting book full of goodies.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book everyone on the Path should read!
By A Customer on October 24, 1999
Format: Paperback
Dreamkeeper is a wonderful book cowritten by Deborah Harmes with channeled information by Dreamkeeper. I highly recommend it. The information there is pure light. It has helped me put together information I’ve been receiving for years. Thanks Deborah Harmes and Dreamkeeper for all of your good works.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best books we should read.
By C. J. L. on February 16, 2004
Format: Paperback
From Chapter 9 of the new E-Book:
“Do you think that you are the first humans that have lived upon this Planet?…..”
“Your scientists have correctly told you that …..”
“….. but these humans that we will now tell you about …..”

The E-Book is available at […] since January 2004.

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