The NEW BOOK Arrives 22nd of August!

I know, I know — it’s been a LONG time between updates again. But the book that I’ve been working on for the last several years has now gotten so large that I’ve made a decision. It’s being divided.

This is going to be the 1st in a SERIES of 3 books — each covering a specific time period in the psychic child to psychic adult’s life.

Book ONE arrives on Monday — the 22nd of August and I will post an update in 3 days when it goes LIVE on along with a link and an image of the cover. It will be published in e-book format first and the plan (as of now!) is that once all 3 books are done and uploaded to Amazon, THEN I will combine them into one large PRINT book containing all 3 volumes of the saga.

For those of you who have been nagging me (politely, of course!) for several years to just FINISH the darned thing, I think you’ll be pleased with the result.

Stay tuned — back SOON!

A New Book Coming Soon

For something that I had anticipated being so straightforward, writing my latest book has ended up taking ever so much longer than expected. When it flows it flows, eh?

The book announcement should be forthcoming after the Christmas and New Year holidays and I will be releasing the next book in both print and e-book formats.

More news soon (I hope!)…

Rather Awhile, Eh?

I only realised today that this was one of the sites that is linked to my now primary site — A Wanderful Life — and it has been 2 years since I even posted a note over here.

A capsule summary then…
We arrived back in Australia mid-year in 2013. So, as of this February evening, we have been back here 4 months shy of a full 2 years. It certainly has been ‘eventful’ — but not in the way that we had imagined.

After living in the uber-trendy St. Kilda neighbourhood in Melbourne for a year, we came north to Central Victoria and have settled into a town that is much larger than our former home town prior to leaving Australia in 2010. It’s just big enough to have all of the amenities we need and yet not be as vast, sprawling, traffic-congested, and 24-hours-a-day noisy as Melbourne was.

The downside to living in this very pretty area is that it’s rather a long commute to work in Melbourne for Mark each day.

I am plugging away at both a book and a sequel, but I have recently launched my own website for photo sales over on ZENFOLIO. The stock agencies seem to take an ever-larger piece of the pie each year and since I have had rather a lot of requests for prints of my work over the last several years, I decided to diversify a bit. It’s taking away from my writing time, but hopefully it will be worth it.

This may or may not be our final country. So we’ll keep you posted on that as things evolve.

Hope that’s an adequate catch-up since the more frequently updated site is the previously mentioned one — A Wanderful Life

My next announcement on here should be the publication date of the upcoming book. So stay tuned for that in the upcoming months.

Updates From The South of France

At the end of 2010, we sold our house in a small Victorian town in Australia, sold off 95% of our household goods, closed our businesses, and went on the road for an extended adventure.

The book that I had begun just before our departure — an autobiographical examination of the nature and impact of a lifetime of psychic/intuitive sensing — may end up being finished in early-to-mid 2013. There have been numerous delays simply because I underestimated what an impact our temporarily nomadic lifestyle would have on the discipline of daily writing.

I am also rather busy editing and feeding photographs to my agencies in New York and London, all the while working on the release of a photo-anthology book (or two!) in 2013.

We’ve settled down somewhere pretty and quiet (and frugal!) in Europe — a small town in the South of France. You can CONTACT ME HERE with additional commissions for writing or photography.

I will continue to keep my readers up to date on my travel journalism and photography site – A Wanderful Life.

Thanks to all of my readers for your ongoing support throughout the years!