Deborah Harmes, Ph.D
Writer — Editor — Photographer
Expert writer, editor, proofreader, ghostwriter, and researcher for authors, publications, websites, advertising agencies, and film production companies. I write, rewrite, and edit clean, crisp, and engaging text with correct spelling and punctuation. I derive great satisfaction from creating quality work and I am also a perfectionist!

Recent assignments have included:

  • comprehensive editing and rewriting several books written by health care or wellness professionals
  • journalism-style article writing
  • academic or business-related original research
  • editing for international NGOs and attorneys
  • copywriting for commercial clients
  • straightforward ghostwriting
  • total rewrites of work created by non-native English speakers.

A published author, I have written 4 books in the last few years that are currently available on Amazon (see portfolio below), so I am a very competent writer/editor/proofreader for anyone who is writing their own print or e-book.

As a native English speaker, I have lived primarily in either the UK, Australia, or the USA and I am able to write or edit in either American or British spelling.

Writing and editing samples are available upon request.

I am able to tailor my work to your specific needs. My quotations are given based on each individual project and the complexity of the writing and/or editing that is necessary for that assignment. My rates conform to those on record at the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Let me help you bring your project to life!

Deborah was super helpful and competent, going beyond the assignment and restructuring copy to give it a natural flow, turning it into a compelling and pleasurable read. Also, investigated the subject matter and corrected many technical aspects, for which I’m extremely grateful. A must hire!

I loved working with Deborah. She was thorough and efficient while proofreading my website-text and it made my end-product a lot better. She was very pleasant and easy to work with so I had a very successful experience using a freelance editor for the first time.

Deborah, thank you so much. Fantastic work. I will be in touch with more jobs in the future!

Deborah completed a set of Country Expat Guides for me promptly, professionally, and with excellent information included.

Deborah is the best writer we’ve ever worked with. Her writing has produced a huge return on investment for our company because she knows how to write content that people actually read and share. We’ve been hiring writers for over 5 years and Deborah is the most talented, professional and intelligent writer we’ve ever hired. No more short list — Deborah is it!

We hired Deborah for 7 hours of copywriting / website content writing. She had great ideas on our content, and was super strong in choosing the right words to describe our products.

Deborah is a delight to work with she completed the job well before the deadline. I highly recommend her and her work.


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